We at KG Equestrian are partnered with some pretty amazing companies. We feel privileged to work alongside these wonderful people and we proudly represent their brand. I Katie Gerrets am very thankful for the generosity and support we receive here at KG Equestrian from our partners. Please find further information below!!

Jump 4 Joy NZ

Safety is a top priority in all we do with our horses wether that is the processes we take or the equipment we use. Jump 4 Joy has mastered this feature to a very high standard, as well as this they have mastered an attractive look, user friendly and a very durable product to make this the superior option when looking for jumps. We purchased our very first set of J4J jumps in 2014 and they are still in our arena today.

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Hussey Paint & Panel

KG Equestrian operates using a wide range of motors, wether it be our horse truck, towing vehicles, everyday cars or motor bikes and floats it is a given we need somewhere to repair and keep these reliable motors good at their given jobs. Hussey Paint & Panel guarantee quality workmanship and pride themselves on delivering the best finish and repair to any vehicle. We have always been impressed by the finish product Hussey's has completed for us.

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Kiwi Arena Rakes

Here at KG Equestrian it is paramount that our horses and our clients horses have a good surface underneath them. Soon after Kiwi Arena Rake had designed their first Rake for personal use on a sand type arena in 2016 we purchased our own Kiwi Arena Rake. Our Rake was the 18th ever to be made. To date they have now sold over 300 units in New Zealand! Today the design, construction and sales of the 'Kiwi Arena Rakes', forms a major part of the work done by McCoard Ltd.

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Mass Digital

For the team at KG Equestrian it is crucial that all of our technology and media is easily accessible and usable. Mass Digital has been vital for us, we were provided with a website that looked smashing as well as being easily operated by a total un tech savvy person... In accordance to this we were provided top service to assist us in our invoicing and email systems.

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