Jump 4 Joy NZ

When looking for jumps it is pretty fair to say I have a list of musts and must nots. I am pretty fussy and also I am not easily convinced that a product is "the best on the market". However I can confidently tell you Jump 4 Joy has changed the game for me since we purchased our first couple of sets 7 years ago!! (which I still have ) 😱

Jump 4 Joy has provided us with jumps that not only look spectacular but they are super user friendly and really long lasting. They are made out of the highest quality of polymer proving the sustainability they provide.

A few of my favourite features that make these jumps so user friendly are… The height guides on every stand and wing, Multi directional uprights for space saving and variety. Jump 4 Joy safety is a key feature and it should be at the top of any riders priority list. You will not find any Sharpe edges, dangerous metal feet or cups on these jumps. Their technology, innovation and bold designs make Jump 4 Joy unbeatable. 

If you are in the Canterbury area and would like to check these jumps out in the flesh please do get in contact with us and we can arrange a day for you to come to my arena and have a play!!

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