Kiwi Arena Rakes

Here at KG Equestrian it is paramount that our horses and our clients horses have a good surface underneath them. Soon after Kiwi Arena Rake had designed their first Rake for personal use on a sand type arena in 2016 we purchased our own Kiwi Arena Rake. Our Rake was the 18th ever to be made. To date they have now sold over 300 units in New Zealand! Today the design, construction and sales of the 'Kiwi Arena Rakes', forms a major part of the work done by McCoard Ltd.

McCoard Ltd are a small Engineering Company based in Invercargill, New Zealand. Founded by Nigel McCoard, who has 40+ years of experience as a qualified Fabrication Engineer, Welder and Engineering Machinist, specialising in Machinery design and maintenance.

Nigel McCoard boss at McCoard Ltd is also of course the designer of the Kiwi Arena Rake, Nigel has 50 plus years as a rider in Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing. Still competing at Level 4 Dressage, Show-jumping young horses, and coaching various combinations at different levels you can trust the thought and knowledge behind these rakes.

We are very proud to have Kiwi Arena Rakes as a partner of KG Equestrian not only because the rakes provide our horses with a beautiful surface once groomed but because Nigel is so active in supporting the sport of equestrian. Kiwi Arena Rakes are sponsors of the Dressage NZ Premier League and we love to support and team up with companies who support our New Zealand riders!

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