Our Story

Katie Gerrets

Welcome to my website, I am so excited to have you here. While it has been a long time coming it is thrilling to be on the journey I am on. Sharing it with my amazing, supportive and loyal cliental is such fun!!

My reason for creating KG Equestrian was so riders had a "safe place". I wanted to provide a zone for our younger upcoming riders. Somewhere they could have someone who was there for them, in and out of the ring. On and off the horse. Something and someone I feel I would have hugely benefitted from and appreciated when I was just learning the ropes of the different equestrian disciplines. I want to influence riders with positivity, support and encouragement, so they learn that it is ok to make mistakes but even more than this. That it is ok to spread positivity to other riders when they make mistakes too. I am here to do my part in making the sport of equestrian a better place.

I am an enthusiastic and very bubbly 20 year old who has a passion for horses. They have provided me with so much more then just a hobby. I have competed successfully up to 1.20 Show Jumping and am looking forward to stepping up this coming season 2021/2022. For me the smile and partnership with my horses is more important than the ribbon around the neck! Prior to focusing on Show Jumping I gained experience in Eventing, Showing and Dressage however these disciplines didn't give me the rush like Show Jumping does.

Before taking the leap to go full time with KG Equestrian I worked as a family assistant. This was where I found my niche of House sitting/ Property management. It was obvious I needed to offer this as a service to the wider public due to my management skills in both property and livestock.

Katie Gerrets

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